Our MOMS!!


On a very special Mother’s Day edition of Shortcomings...Brittany and Natalie sit down with their MOMS!!! Natalie’s Mom, Kathy Lander, talks all things astrology and about Natalie being born in a restaurant. Brittany’s Mom, Tricia Gambertoglio, talks about how Brittany saved her sister from being kidnapped and how Brittany got the nickname “Helen Keller.” This episode will give you a sneak peek into why Brittany and Natalie are the way they are...

Things We Are Living For:


Spinach Feta Wrap from Starbucks (if you’re nice to the manager, he will hide one for you in the back).

Water Goals: The Flow Water Station (it’s expensive, one can wish).

Nature’s Path Heritage Cereal with Almond Milk

The Ring Doorbell

The Tile (help find your keys).

Wanna see where Kathy’s water broke? Head over to Osteria Mozza!


Rick Warren’s Podcast (to get your church on).

Crush Letters Game (it’s hard!)

Cordless Vacuum - look it up on Amazon, it’s about $80

Shout Out to Century 8 in NoHo!

Texas Wine Glasses!! Sooo Cute!

Copa single wine by the glass (for the girl on the go).


Movie Pass (get it, it’s awesome).

20/20 Dateline


Winc! Use our promo code SHORTCOMINGS for $22 off your first month!!

Confection Co-Op in Hollywood. Good Cupcakes!!