G. Charles Wright


G. Charles Wright, is the casting director of the hit series The Middle, on ABC. He is the man responsible for putting Brittany and Natalie together. Without him, there would be no “Shortcomings” podcast!! So we are obviously very grateful to him. G opens up with the gals about his shortcoming of not fully doing what he loves to do. We also talk about bed sheets that murder, unfulfilled dreams of being on Barney, and nightmare auditions.


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Things we are living for:

-Coffee AND Stretching

-Oasis Massage on Sunset Blvd.(minus the cigarette smoke hands guy)

-At Home Micro Needling Tool by ORA (Available on Amazon)

-Lost in Space on Netflix (our second recommendation for this! We better watch!)

-My Favorite Murder Podcast

Check out G’s Audition Class:


-One Sentence Recipe for “Protein Coffee:”

Make black coffee, add scoop of vanilla protein powder, enjoy.