Cyrina Fiallo


Cyrina Fiallo is an actress who most recently guest starred on Brooklyn 99. She joins Brittany and Natalie to talk about her shortcoming about getting a dream opportunity that is anything but a dream.And how we’d all be rich if we kept our thousands of Beanie Babies. Dang it. Follow Cyrina! Instagram: @fifers3000 Twitter: @cyrinafiallo

Things we are living for:

  • Roseanne Reboot on ABC
  • Queer Eye Netfilx
  • Umami Burger (not organic beef, but still yummy!)
  • Apec Water Systems available on Amazon (pay extra for installation, trust us).
  • Cellulite Shorts
  • Natalie’s One Sentence Recipe for Salmon: Coat salmon in Olive Oil, put salmon in glass baking dish, bake on 350 for 20 minutes, enjoy.