Tamara Braun - Ep. 31


Tamara Braun is an Emmy Award winning actress, currently on General Hospital. Tamara talks with us about not having children and how that feels like a shortcoming to her. But she is a mamma ro an adorable rescue dog named, Little. We also talk about seeing the goodness in life, and creating a backyard oasis!

What we are living for:

Spray Olive Oil from Trader Joe’s

Mr. Rogers Documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”

DIY Backyard

The Green Drink from Trader Joe’s

Rice Milk, Tumeric Tea, and Cinnamon.

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And watch her on General Hospital on ABC at 2pm


Galadriel Stineman - Ep. 30


Galadriel Stineman is an actress whom you may recognize from ABC’s The Middle. She talks to us about having packing meltdowns, and realizing that she will never be an Olympic Gymnast. She also tells us how rewarding it is teaching other actors. We also discuss if it’s appropriate to give your therapist career advice and how young is too young for your dad’s new girlfriend.

What we are living for:


Productive App


Living Spaces (knock off West Elm available now!)

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Galadriel’s Korean Beauty skin regimin:

Skincare on a budget:

- All under $20, except Mad Hippie Serum, which is worth the splurge – and still under $30!

Facial Oil: Cocokind Cleansing Oil

Face Wash: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Gel Cleanser

Toner: Thayers Witch Hazel

Serum: Mad Hippie Serum

Eye cream: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Cream

Day moisturizer: Neutrogena Healthy Defense Sensitive SPF Moisturizer

Night cream: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Night Cream

Lazy nights: Simple Micellar Wipes

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Michael Torsiello - Ep. 29


Michael Torsiello is a tunnel engineer for the Los Angeles Metro! Yes, we said engineer! 

He is the first guest on Shortcomings to have a real adult, smart person job (sorry actor friends). Michael opens up about being a people pleaser and sometimes it’s at the expense of others (like his husband). They also chat about his amazing bread baking, earthquake safety, and how to actually take the metro if you live in LA, whaaa???

Things we are living for:

Bird Scooter

Jilzs Crackers (again)

Passion Planner www.passionplanner.com

Imperfect Produce

Muji Store

Follow Michael on: NOTHING!!! His IG is private, sorry guys.


Amanda Lund - Ep. 28


Amanda Lund is an actress, writer, producer, and podcaster. She co-created the web series Ghost Ghirls as well as Junketeers. Amanda talks with Natalie and Brittany about her former days as a Disney Princess, her basketball team “The Pistol Shrimps,” and how when hosting your first big dinner party, don’t try to make dim sum!


Things We Are Living For:

Amanda’s “Fancy Lady Breakfast” - greek yogurt, honey, and hemp seeds. And a soft boiled egg in an egg cup with and egg cracker opener thingy (available on Amazon).

Uva Micro Needler - Available on Amazon

Siete Tortilla

British Bake Off

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Diana Espir


Diana Espir is entertainment host, producer, and internet personality. She talks with Britt and Nat about her music career and how that feels like a shortcoming for her. Although she loves what she does now! We also talks about her podcast “You Can’t SIt With Me” and “Fashionably Latte” available on Facebook Live.



Things we are living for:

Micellar Water - Amazon

Rose Water from Trader Joe’s

Dried Chili Mangos from Trader Joe’s

BMW I3 - All electric car!

Sonicare Toothbrush


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And check out her podcast on itunes and her blog at www.youcantsitwithme.com


Ron Hart


Ron Hart is a writer and storyteller, who shares his experience during first writing gig as a porn writer. AND how he learned a huge life lesson from a porn producer. We also talks about some of the shows he’s worked on “Liv & Maddie,” “Digjointed,” and “Fuller House.”

Things We Are Living For:

After Abel And Other Stories by Michal Lemberger - Available on Amazon

Boomerang email app

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Briana Cuoco


Briana Cuoco is an accomplished singer and actress. She tells the girls about the time she had a job “in the bag,” and how maybe if she had $400 shoes, it would have gone better. We also talk about Bri stepping into a show with four days notice and one rehearsal. Oh yeah, and we FUCK on this podcast!

What We Are Living For:

Training Mate Workout Class

LaDuca Dance Shoes

HQ Trivia

Peaky Blinders on Netflix

13 Reasons Why on Netflix

Huji App



LIVE with Jason Michael Snow!


LIVE SHOW: On a very special episode of Shortcomings, we do our first ever LIVE recording in front of an audience! The show features special guest, Jason Michael Snow, who is a broadway and television actor. The recording took place on June 16th, 2018 at 8pm at The Lyric Hyperion Theater in Silverlake. The show was also a celebration of Brittany’s birthday and a portion of the proceeds went to UNICEF. We will put up the video of the show soon!! We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!! 

What we are living for:

Thewirecutter.com - it’s basically tries every product for you and tells which on is the best to buy.

Follow Jason on IG and Twitter: @jmspinafore