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Shortcomings, is an entertainment focused podcast hosted by Brittany Ross & Natalie Lander. Guests discuss an experience in their lives where they fell short. Whether it's love, work, or losing a parking spot, we all can relate to that feeling of missing the mark. Shortcomings has a conversational vibe, which makes the audience and guests feel like their meeting for coffee with their two best friends. This podcast will make you laugh and hopefully feel better about your own shortcomings


Brittany Ross is an Actress based in Los Angeles, but she  lived in Scotland for the early years of her life. She then moved to South America where she became the only kid in her second-grade class speaking Spanish with a Scottish accent. If she could eat one thing for the rest of her life it would be a toss-up between sweet potatoes and trail mix.  Her best friend is a travel sized space heater.  Also, she can’t drink water because she feels like she’s suffocating. You can see her on TV in ABC’s The Middle, 2 Broke Girls. Clipped, and Girl meets world to name a few.


Natalie Lander is an actress and writer, born and raised in Los Angeles by her actor father and therapist mother. Natalie knew she wanted to be an actor at a young age, therefore making it very convenient to have a therapist in the family. If she could have dinner with one celebrity, dead or alive, it would be Grumpy Cat. And if she could pick that meal, it would be spicy tuna crispy rice. Natalie's secret talent is that she can do an extremely authentic baby cry. Some of her TV highlights are recurring roles on ABC's The Middle, TV Land's Lopez, and TNT's Major Crimes.


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